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We tailor our investigations around your needs and have been doing so for our Clients for 21 years.  Call our office in Oregon if you would like a no charge consultation with a licensed Private Investigator, everything is confidential.   We charge $75-$100 per hour for investigations.   

  • Asset Reports – tailored to meet your needs (pre-litigation or judgment recovery).
  • Background Checks – know who you are dealing with.
  • Bank Locate Search – great for judgment recovery and writs of garnishment.
  • Bankruptcy Records – when you want to know if past credit is an issue.
  • Business Background Profile – does the business you’re dealing with have any assets or issues?
  • Cheating Spouse/Partner Infidelity – You deserve answers, you deserve to know the truth.
  • Child Custody Investigations – Background Research, Witness Interviews, Surveillance.
  • Civil Records – all courts in the country are available ten years back or more.
  • Client’s Personal Witness Assistant – We’ll be at your side when you need a witness to document an event.
  • Court Records Research – Document Retrieval – need info from a court file or copies from a court file?
  • Credit Reports – signed authorization required.  Do not even ask if you do not have authorization.
  • Criminal RecordsBackground Checks – search anywhere in the country at least ten years back.
  • Database Research – we have access to databases the general public does not.
  • Defendant or Witness Locate – need to find a Defendant, Witness, or missing Heir?
  • Driver & Motor Vehicle Searches – locate a subject or vehicles for asset investigation or process serving.
  • Email Trace/Reverse Email – subscriber information reported
  • Employment Locate – grate for judgment recovery/service of writ of garnishment.
  • Field Investigations – Photos/Video
  • GPS Tracking – Need to check on your kids, spouse, nanny or employees? Are they being honest?
  • Interviews & Statements – In person or over the phone with reports provided.
  • Judgment and Liens Research – are you in line behind a list of other creditors?  Does your subject have Judgments?
  • Judgment Recovery – Writs of Garnishment
  • Landlord Assistance Tenant Screening, Background Checks, Small Claim Assistance and more.
  • Locate Someone – Witness, Defendant, Debtor, Old Friend or Relative.
  • Mail Forwarding – did your subject move and you need to identify where they went?
  • Personal Assistant – Witness Services
  • Personal Injury Investigation – Witness Services
  • Phone/Cell Traces – we can search for your subject’s phone number or trace a known number.
  • PO Box Conversion – when you need to know your subject’s physical address for process service.
  • Pre-Employment Screening – know what your potential employee won’t tell you.
  • Prison Search – is your subject incarcerated?  Where are they?
  • Photo/Video – Get the hard evidence you need for a court or to confront a situation.
  • Real Property Research Nationwide – an excellent asset tool for judgment recovery or pre-litigation.
  • Research
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Skip-Trace & Missing Persons – need to find a Defendant, Witness, or missing Heir?
  • Surveillance – Answer the who, when, where and why.
  • Tax ID# / FEIN# – Needed for bank garnishments and other legal matters.
  • Time Lines/Locations/Spot Check – Were they really where they said they were?
  • Undercover Purchasing/Mystery Shopper/Covert video/Employee Theft
  • Vehicle Searches – locate a subject or vehicles for investigation or process serving.
  • Vessel/Boat & Airplane Search – need to know more about your subject’s assets?
  • Witness Interview/Statements
  • Witness Locate
  • Workers Compensation Claims


  • Undercover Purchasing/Mystery/Secret Shopper/Employee Theft/Following Company Procedures

To do this job right you need people who have worked in every position in the Restaurant and Bar industry. When you hire us for this undercover investigation, you gain an investigator with over 20 years investigations experience and 15+ years experience in the restaurant/bar industry. We’ll spot discrepancies only experienced management would see. (custom discount packages available)

We do not charge for a consultation, so give us a call and see if we can help you.