We offer two types of employment searches.

The first option is done via extensive internet research on restricted databases and working with our investigative contacts around the USA.  Our restricted databases are not available for the general public and are not similar to those the general public may find on the internet.

To conduct the research we will need the subject’s full name, date of birth, social security number and last known address.  A valid phone number will also increase the odds.  If you do not have some of the info needed we can locate that as well.  The search will take 1-3 weeks.

A second option is to have a licensed Private Investigator conduct surveillance.  This is best for a subject who may be working under the table or off company books or for those who are self employed and/or not reporting all earnings.

We charge $75 an hour for surveillance.     Contact our office and/or send an email request to get started.


Need to collect on a Judgment and you want to Garnish the subject’s wages?  Writ of Garnishment Process.