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We tailor our investigations around your needs.  We have been conduction Surveillance cases that way for 23 years, giving our Clients an understanding of what is really going on.  Licensed & Insured since 1998.

Give us a call or an email, consultation are free.

Surveillance Investigation rates start at $75 per hour for Oregon & SW Washington.
Monday to Friday   Two hours minimum during business hours.
$75 per hour 8am to 6pm  (business hours)
$85 per hour 6am to 8am & 6pm to 10pm
$95 per hour 10pm to 6am

Saturday & Sunday  Four hour minimum on weekends and holidays.
$85 per hour 8am to 10pm
$95 per hour 10pm to 8am
$100 per hour on holidays

No charge for local travel time if shift is 8+ hours.
Hourly rate is charged to and from the office, if less than an 8 hour shift.

$.56 per mile during the case.
No mileage charge to and from local jobs (max 10 miles each way).

To get started, just fill out a request form.  Private Clients can make a payment on our website.   If you are a law firm, investigation firm, insurance company, ect, then you can request an invoice.   Read our make a payment page first.

Surveillance Request Form (PDF)

Sometimes we can offer a small discount for other Licensed Investigators around the United States.

In some cases we have found that when we use a combination of GPS tracking and Surveillance, we get fast answers for our Clients.   Saving them hours of worry and stress, as well as saving them a lot of money.   No one likes the unknown.   Get the answers & info you deserve, give us a call today.


26 hour cancellation notice or hourly minimum apply.