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We tailor our investigations around your needs.  We have been conduction Surveillance cases that way for 25+ years, giving our Clients an understanding of what is really going on.  Client need answers in order to know how to move forward.  We get clients the answers they need.  Experienced, Licensed & Insured since 1998.

Give us a call or an email, consultation are free.

Surveillance Investigation rates start at $90 per hour for Oregon & SW Washington.
Monday to Friday
$90 per hour 8am to 6pm  (business hours)
$95 per hour all other times.

Saturday & Sunday
$95 per hour.

$110 per hour on holidays and holiday weekends.

Three hours minimum during business hours, four hour minimum outside of business hours.  Some areas in OR & WA will cost more per hour.

Hourly rate is charged to and from the office, if less than an 8 hour shift.   No charge for the first 15 minutes each way local travel time if shift is 8+ hours.

$00.67 per mile

Surveillance is best conducted with two investigators.  We obtain so much more information and are much more likely of catching important moments.  Also much less likely to lose a subject or blow cover.  However not everyone has a budget for two investigators and it may not be needed in some cases.  Give us a call and lets see what is best for your situation.

Contact our office to get started or email over details. Attorney firms, Insurance Companies and Investigations firms can request services via email and an invoice, see our make a payment page if you decide to be invoiced.  Other Clients can send prepayment to our office or make a retainer payment on our website or bring a retainer to our office.  Then we will arrange an investigator(s) for the days and time you requested.  If you are a law firm, investigation firm, insurance company, ect, then you can request an invoice via email.

Sometimes we can offer a small discount for other Licensed Investigators around the United States.

In some cases we have found that when we use a combination of GPS tracking and Surveillance, we get fast answers for our Clients.   Saving them hours of worry and stress, as well as saving them a lot of money.   No one likes the unknown.   Get the answers & info you deserve, give us a call today.  Let’s see if GPS and Surveillance is the best for your situation.

24 hour notice is required to cancel surveillance.  If the case is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charge for two hours.

In 1988 Mark Ososke started assisting Judy North with investigations cases and process serving.   In 1998 The State of Oregon started the Oregon Board of Investigators, that would now require a FBI Background check and an exam to be a license investigators.  Mark Ososke was in the first group of PI’s to pass the investigators exam and was provided with an investigator number of OBI-256.   PI Services was started.   Later the Oregon Board of Investigators was disbanded by The State of Oregon and DPSST took over licensing requirements.   Our DPSST is #33719.   We have the experience to help our clients get the answers they need.  That is why this website is so detailed, to give clients the information and tools to make a solid decision and get answers.

SO YOU NEED AN OREGON INVESTIGATOR?  Take a look at our competitions websites.  They have lots of nice photos, but do you see any details about services?  Why do you not see prices?  How about decades of experience helping people?  What are they hiding?  Not sure you want to find out.  Chose wisely, give us a call for a free consultation with an experienced team.  Clearly your are a person that pays attention to details as you have read this far.  🙂

Guarantee:   We guarantee excellent service by the best trained professional.   Please know we can not control the outcome of your case.  We can not control the surrounding environment or the other subjects that may play a part in the outcome of the surveillance.  You are paying for time spent regardless of the results of your case.  We are not attorneys and we are not giving legal advice.  We will always try to update you during the case but we can not guarantee we will always be able to do that live.   Just like attorneys they do not update you with ever move they make for your case.  We do our best with the details provided, just like life we have no guarantee.  We had to say this because some people think things works like it does in the movies.

Thank you for reading this entire page.   You must be as diligent as we are.  🙂