We offer Banking Institution Searches, perfect for Writs of Garnishment.

• Local Banking Institution Relationship Search (Per State Search) -Judgment Required.
   ($495 personal, $595 business if accounts are found / $125 if none are found.  2-4 weeks)

• Nationwide Banking Institution Relationship Search -Judgment Required.
   ($950 if accounts are found / $350 if none are found. 2-4 weeks)

• Nationwide Brokerage & Investment Account Relationships -Judgment Required.
   ($995 if accounts are found / $400 if none are found. 2-4 weeks.)

Personal search requirements: The full name of the individual along with, DOB, SS# and a copy of the signed judgment are required to proceed.   We can  locate the DOB for $20 and SS# for $30.

Business search requirements: The Business TAX ID#/FEIN# and a copy of the signed judgment are required.   If you need us to locate the TAX ID#/FEIN we can most of the time.  $150 to $250 if found. $45 if not found.

Retainer requirement: Law Firms and companies we have done business with in the past can request an account.  All others will need to make a retainer payment to start the search.   The retainer amount is the amount of a successful search.  If not found the difference will be refunded.

Judgment requirement: Judgements are required to conduct the above searches. A copy of the Judgement, signed by the judge, will need to be provided before we can proceed.  If you do not have one, then you can request we obtain one for you.  $30-Oregon / $50-Washington & Idaho / $75-all other locations.

To get started, fill out one of our forms and email it to the address on the form:

Bank search request form, searching by Individual  (PDF)

Bank search request form, searching by Business name (PDF)

More about our Bank Searches:

Please know it is important to act on the information provided through a successful search immediately. The results are good at the time of the search, but could change at anytime after the search is complete.

Our Process: Our Bank and Brokerage account searches fully comply with the 1999 GLB Act, the FCRA and the FDCPA. We use outside 3rd party investigators to perform our bank locates.  All outside investigators have been fully trained and educated, using only legal methods in locating asset information.  Each investigator has personally documented their knowledge and signed a contract, indicating that all information obtained will be through legal means and in legal compliance.

Without revealing trade secrets we can disclose that each asset search is conducted utilizing legal protocols which may include public records, creditor information, insurance records, UCC files, trash inspections, surveillance, databases, vendor records and payments, employment records, direct payments and/or purchases, landlord records, credit applications, divorce records, third party applications, and foreign sources, etc.

The GLB Act does not prohibit bank searches.  It just makes pre-texting financial institutions & consumers unlawful.  Our investigators use several methods while identifying assets.  One method is to access a database that is used by banks and financial institutions that screens all potential new customers before an account is opened.  Banking regulations require footprints to open and maintain accounts.  We follow the footprints to locate active accounts.

Time Frames:  Sometimes it takes a week or two to complete a search.  Most of the time it takes a little longer.  Most routine locate searches take 1 to 4 weeks.  Time is also often needed in order to confirm the information we have identified.  We ask that you please try not call or email to ask for status on a routine locate request.   Either we are still working on locating the information you requested or we have finished and turned over the results to you.  In order to keep costs down, we can not take the time to go over each locate investigation as it transpires, or provide partial reports or updates on every case.  If we did we would never get the work done.  Also, we have sources/secrets we have developed over 22+ years and we are not going to tell you how we do what we do.  We need to focus our time on your requests and will keep trying until we find the information requested or until we have diligently exhausted all efforts.  We appreciate your understanding and support.

We are thorough: We can say with confidence that the following financial institutions will be queried for active accounts: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, U.S. Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon, PNC Bank, Capital One, HSBC, TD Bank, State Street, BB&T, Regions Bank, Ally Bank, SunTrust Bank, Charles Schwab, American Express, Ally Financial, RBC Bank, Citizens Bank, USAA, Fifth Third Bank, Harris Bank, Regions Bank, M&T Bank, Northern Trust, Union Bank, KeyCorp, PLUS any smaller local banks and credit unions in close proximity to the Subject’s known address(es).  Sometimes privately owned banks and credit unions do not always show up because they are not FDIC.

We also offer Employment Searches

We also offer Pre & Post Litigation Reports

We also offer Writ of Garnishment Assistance in Oregon.

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Last updated on 1/11/21