If you received an invoice, we would prefer you please mail a check to our office and list our invoice numbers with payment.

First time clients, pre-pay clients or any client can make a payment with Credit or Debit card.  Before you proceed, please read this entire page first: 

After you click Pay Now, you must “enter a description”.   Enter our PI Invoice number.   If you do not have an invoice number then enter a description of your request or the subjects name or the company name or case number, etc.    Next enter the amount you are paying in the price per item box.
If your account has a balance of $200 or more, or you are making a payment over $200 you must add 3% or send a check to our office and pay no fees.

If you are outside the US, you will need to pay with US funds.   If you are in Canada you may pay on our website and add 6%.   Or you may pay by check from a United States bank.   If your check is from a Canadian bank you will need to add $10 per check, as our bank charges us a $10 fee.  If you are outside of the US & Canada you will need to mail US funds to our office before we will get started on your request.

We can not guarantee results, just like any other legal service.  You pay for the time that is requested regardless of the outcome of your case.

Pay with PayPal or Pay with Debit or Credit Card, no PayPal account needed.

Consultations:  You can give our office a call for a free 5-10 minute consultation or send a brief email.   If you would like to have an in office consultation just call to set an appointment.  $75 per hour pro rated.  Just make a $75 retainer payment before your appointment.  Anything not used will be refunded.

Want to set up an Account and receive an invoice?   If you are an Attorney, Paralegal, Investigator, Process Servers, Government Agency or an individual working for a Corporation/Company, then just request an account via email.   All other Clients will need to prepay or deposit a retainer up front.

If you have any questions or concerns after you receive an invoice, please call our office immediately.  Clients will always receive an invoice with each job and you may also receive a monthly statement.  We do this for our clients as some like to pay via individual invoices and others like to pay from monthly statements.  Our system will send out monthly statements to Clients via email.  If you have any concerns, make sure you communicate them with us immediately after receiving an invoice.

Any invoice over 90 days past due will incur a $20 re-billing fee per month, per invoice.
Please do not force us to come after you, because we will.   If you received an invoice then you have an account with us, by doing so you will allow us to use any and all methods to collect after 90 days and agree to the terms of this page.  We hope to never have to enforce the above re-billing fee.  So please pay all invoices within 30 days.  If we offered a discount and the invoice is not paid within 90 days, the discount will be removed and the full balance will be due immediately.  We will not discuss your case or invoice after 90 days, if your invoice is still past due.

NSF Checks: Mistakes happen.  If they do and you rectify the situation within 10 business days of the NSF notice date, then the fee is $10.   If not, the fee will be $30.   However if we have to go after you, and we will, we will seek three times the amount of the check plus all fees and cost per ORS.

Fee Advancements:  See our process serving page for cost.  If the witness fee check is not used or needed you can return it to our office within 90 days of issuance and we will credit the invoice for the amount of the check.  Only if we receive the original in our office within 90 days of issuance.   After 90 days we will not refund any advancements.

Disputed Credit Card Payments:   If you dispute your credit card payment after services are provided then we will seek three times the amount of the payment plus all fees and court cost per ORS.   Also if you dispute your payment after service have been provided then you waive your right to any confidentiality and give us authorization to use any and all means necessary to collect.  Please do not force us to come after you, because we will.

Delinquent Clients, with Past Due Invoices, Sent to Collections:  See list

Guarantee:   We guarantee excellent service by the best trained professional.  Please know we can not control the outcome of your case.  You are paying for time spent regardless of the results of your case.


Barter or Trade? Goods or Services?  It does not hurt to ask.


We are not attorneys and we are not giving legal advice.  

Contact Our Office.