Writ of Garnishment Assistance in Oregon – Judgment of Any Amount

After a Judgment is obtained we can assist you with Garnishing bank accounts and/or employment wages.  All costs are added to the amount the subject owes you.

We handle everything from start to finish.  Prices start at $140.
(Local, other locations in Oregon $5 to $30 more, most of the time.)

If you already know where the subject works and/or the name of the bank, then it’s time to get started!   Just click on the correct Writ of Garnishment request form:

  • PI Services prepared my Oregon Small Claims case. I have a judgment. I would like to proceed to garnish. $140  Form PI-SC
  • I handled my own Oregon Small Claims case. I have a judgment. I would like to proceed to garnish. $160  Form SC
  • I have an Oregon Civil judgment. I would like to proceed to garnish. $170  Form CV
  • I have an Oregon Domestic judgment. I would like to proceed to garnish. $180  Form D
  • PI Services prepared a previous garnishment. I would like to proceed with another one (same case).  $140.  Form R

Got questions about Oregon Writs of Garnishment?   click here for more answers!

Need help figuring out the interest?    Interest rate & payment helper

What does our writ of garnishment process cover?

        • Reviewing the Judge signed copy of the Oregon court judgment.
        • Preparing all the necessary Writ of Garnishment forms (10 pages total).
        • Having an Oregon Attorney review and issue the Writ of Garnishment (saving time and court fees)
        • Picking up the original documents from the attorney and making all the necessary copies.
        • Serving the Writ of Garnishment at the Place of Employment or Banking Institution by an insured (required) professional Process Server.
        • Preparing a proof of service according to the court rules, including proof of mailing.
        • Mailing all the necessary copies to the defendant.
        • Filing the original proof of service and a copy of the Writ of Garnishment with the court.
        • Sending copies of Writ of Garnishment, Debt Calculation and copy of the Proof of Service to our client via email or mail.

Do not know where the subject works or banks, but you want to find out?   We can help with that…  Bank Search & Employment Search

You need results.  So get started with us today.  As licensed Private Investigators in Oregon, we have access to many resources that process serving, collection companies and the general public do not have access to.   We also specialize in locating assets for collections and garnishments. We can help you find the place of employment or bank accounts to garnish.   https://pi-info.com/info-retrieval/

We are not attorneys and can not give legal advice. However, we can prepare your documents at your direction by following the procedure set by the Oregon courts.  We also have an Oregon attorney review and issue all writs of garnishment.

If a Client decides to cancel a request after we have started the request, we will keep $50 to $120 depending on time spent on the case and depending on if the attorney has issued the writ.    The rest will be refunded to the Client.

Last Update January 2024.