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We are your comprehensive information retrieval resource, specializing in locating people and assets from coast to coast.   Click on any of the following for more information and prices.  

      • Asset Reports – tailored to meet your needs (pre-litigation or judgment recovery).
      • Bank Locate Search – great for judgment recovery and writs of garnishment.
      • Bankruptcy Records – when you want to know if past credit is an issue.
      • Business Background Profile – does the business you’re dealing with have any assets or issues?
      • Civil Records – all courts in the country are available ten years back or more.
      • Court Records Research – Document Retrieval – need info from a court file or copies from a court file?
      • Credit Reports – signed authorization required.  Do not even ask if you do not have authorization.
      • Criminal Records – Background Checks – search anywhere in the country at least ten years back.
      • Database Research – we have access to databases the general public does not.
      • Dun & Bradstreet Reports – learn more about a business you’re dealing with.
      • Driver & Motor Vehicle Searches – locate a subject or vehicles for asset investigation or process serving.
      • Email Trace/Reverse Email – subscriber information reported
      • Employment Locate – great for judgment recovery/service of writ of garnishment.
      • Judgment and Liens Research – are you in line behind a list of other creditors?  Does your subject have Judgments?
      • Landlord Assistance Tenant Screening, Background Checks, Small Claim Assistance and more.
      • Locate Someone – Witness, Defendant, Debtor, Old Friend or Relative.
      • Mail Forwarding – did your subject move and you need to identify where they went? $10-$50
      • Phone/Cell Traces – we can search for your subject’s phone number or trace a known number.
      • PO Box Conversion – when you need to know your subject’s physical address for process service. $10-$50
      • Pre-Employment Screening – know what your potential employee won’t tell you.
      • Prison Search – is your subject incarcerated?  Where are they?
      • Real Property Research Nationwide – an excellent asset tool for judgment recovery or pre-litigation.
      • Skip-Trace & Missing Persons – need to find a Defendant, Witness, or missing Heir?
      • Social Security # – Search or verification
      • Surveillance  –  Sometimes you just need good old fashion Surveillance, with experienced PI’s.
      • Tax ID# / FEIN# – Needed for bank garnishments and other legal matters.
      • Vehicle, Boat & Airplane Search – need to know more about your subject’s assets?

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Some of the above searches require permissible purposes. PI Services LLC, has no control over the specific use of these services but by contract requires that customers use these services in a legal manner and adhere to all regulatory guidelines, professional standards, State and Federal Laws. PI Services LLC, does not share information between customers or with any third parties except in cases where required by law. All information contained herein is confidential and should be treated as such.