We cover all of Oregon as well as Service of Process coast to coast in the USA. 

Everything you need to have us help you is listed on this page, including pricing. Last updated 1/1/24.

Our process servers are professionals some are also investigators. Each one has a minimum of 8 years experience.  We are always diligent and crafty when we need to be.  We pride ourselves in doing whatever is legally and ethically necessary to complete service of process for our clients.

Law Firms and other Companies:  Please fill out our Process Service Head Sheet (PDF).   One per service address.  Send it and relevant documents to us via email to the address on the form.  Request an account to have us invoice you.   You will always receive an email confirmation from our office.  Documents can also be mailed to our office.  Or, for a small fee we will pick up your documents.

Other Clients: Please fill out our Helpful Info Sheet (PDF). Send it with relevant documents to us via email.  Then Pre-Payment can be made on our website.  We will always confirm receipt of documents via email to the address on the form.  Documents can also be mailed to us with payment.  Or, documents can be brought to our office with payment (see contact us page).

Service of Process:  Oregon cases in Oregon, includes one or two persons attempted at one address. Out of states documents, include one person and 1/2 price for an additional at the same address. Each address will receive four to five attempts at service and our notarized proof(s) of service. We will send you our proof of service, if you have a proof you like better, send it over we will be happy to have our server sign. Includes Oregon e-File, if requested.

Clients that use our Head Sheet or our Helpful information sheet can choose to have the proof of service sent by US mail, email or e-filed with court (Oregon Circuit Court only).  If you request we e-file your proof of service,  we will only email you an invoice.  A court stamped copy of the proof of service may be retrieved through OJCIN or the OR e-file system online.   If you do not indicate what to do with your proof of service or you request conflicting options on a form, then we will return the proof of service to you via U.S. mail.

How you are notified of service depends upon the handling option requested:

Due Course /Routine: Usually 1-7 days.  You will be sent proof of service either by U.S. mail, email or it will be e-filed with the court (Oregon Circuit Court only).

Rush / Priority: Usually 1-3 days.  You will be notified by phone or email during business hours and the proof of service will be sent by email.  Proof of service will also be sent by U.S. mail or e-filed by us with the court (Oregon Circuit Court only).

Immediate / Rush: Today/Now/ASAP.  You will be notified by phone at the time of service by the Process Server and the Proof of service will be sent via email.  Proof of service will also be sent by U.S. mail or e-filed by us with the court (Oregon Circuit Court only).

Using a process server for the first time?  Check out our Process server info page. Help us, help you.

Service Prices: (local: Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland & Tigard.)

+$5 Banks, Cornelius, Clackamas, Durham, Fairview, Gresham, Gladstone, Happy Valley, King City, Lake Grove, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Rivergrove, Sherwood, St. Johns, Tualatin, Troutdale, West Linn, Wilsonville & Vancouver, WA.

local Due course / Routine: (1 to 7 days) $65
Rush / Priority Service at Business address: (1 to 3 days)  $90
Rush / Priority Service at Residential address: (1 to 3 days)  $95
Immediate / Rush Service at Business address: (Today/ASAP)  $100
Immediate / Rush Service at Residential address: (Today/ASAP)  $105
Reserved Specific Service Time: (Client sets time) $90 10am-4pm M-F / $95 All other hours.
Stakeout Time:  Service fee, plus $90 per hour 8am to 6pm M-F. / $95 All other hours   Pro-rated 1/4hr.

Documents received via email: Pages 1-10 Free  After 10 pages $0.15 /page.

All other areas in Oregon: (few exceptions) +$5 to $30   Contact us for a quote!

The state of Washington: (some exceptions) $65 to $95   Contact us for a quote!

Service of Process anywhere in the USA:  For 25 years we have been building a directory of fantastic Private Investigators & Process Servers all over the USA.  Forwarding, Monitoring & Affidavit Preparation. Routine $35+ Distant Server’s fee or Rush $45+ Distant Servers fee. 

Document pickup: Yes we can pick up documents.  $30 to $50  Price depends on if you are a law firm, number of jobs being picked up and your location.  

Advance court fees or witness fees for Subpoena:  $1 to $100 advanced. $5-fee.  $100 or $1000, 10%-fee. Oregon subpoena witness fees are $30 + $.25 per mile, round trip, see ORS 44.415.  2022 Oregon Circuit Court Fee Schedule.

Obtain court stamped copies:  We can obtain court stamped copies of your service documents or judgment from the Oregon Circuit Court. $20

Motion, Order and Declaration for Alternative Service:  $50 – you provide the supporting evidence or $75 to $95 we pull the evidence to support the declaration (sources might include state agencies such as DMV, real property records, court records, credit sources, etc)

Send via Certified mail:  We will travel to the post office, stand in line, mail your documents via certified mail and provide you with a proof of service. $40 + copy & mailing cost.  ($80 in December)  Each additional certified mail sent at the same time, $20 + copy & mailing cost. 

Phone calls:   If we do not have luck at the address you provide and you have some phone numbers you would like us to try to all and make arangmetns for service.   We can do that.  $5 per phone number.  We will call, text and leave voice mail. 

Help us help you… Process Service  Head Sheet  (PDF) Designed for Attorney Clients, Collection Departments, etc (one sheet per service address) Not required but sure helpful.  You can direct us on how to return the proof of service.   Make sure you list important statute  and court dates.

Help us help you…Helpful Information Sheet (PDF)  Designed for individual Clients who personally know the subject we are serving.  Use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Mobile Notaries: We will travel to your client and notarize his or her signature.
Local Due Course: (one person) $75
Local Rush or Rush RSVP Time: (one person) $95
Each additional person: $10
Out of area: $90+
+Call for long distance charges

Or come to our office for a flat fee of $10 per notary.

In Person Filings, Recordings & Script Readings Fees:
any additional filing done at the same date and time are 1/2 price.

County & State Court Filings/Copy file from Court/County & City Recordings:
Clackamas, Multnomah & Washington County: $65-Routine 
U.S.D.C. & U.S.B.C. of OR: $65-Routine
Clark County WA: $70-Routine 
All other Counties in Oregon & Washington $65 + Routine 
(call for options) + Call for long distance charges

Make your Filing or Recording job a priority and we will:
Rush/Priority: +$25
Immediate Rush/Now: +$35

Ex-Parte to obtain Judge’s Signature & Filing: $90
(Washington & Clackamas County, call for other counties)

Script Readings & House Sales:
Washington, Multnomah & Clackamas: $65-$80
All Other Counties in OR & WA: $85-$100


E-Filing in Oregon.   We will ONLY E-file our Oregon proofs of service.   No charge if requested.

Deliveries: Many of our clients prefer to use us for deliveries of all kinds.  From Ferrari’s to large checks to priceless merchandise.   We pride ourselves on professionalism regardless of the task.   Special instructions always accommodated.

Our competent personnel are fully trained in Oregon’s rules and procedures.   We will routinely gather additional data regarding service and location and pass that info on to you.

Do you have someone you would like to serve papers to but can’t find them? We can help.

All of our local process servers have a minimum of 10 years experience.   You do not want someone who was delivering pizzas or drove for Uber just last week. You want a professional process server with experience you can trust and count on.  Many of our process server are also PI’s or former PI’s.

Thank you for reading this entire page.   You must be as diligent as we are.  🙂

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