Small Claims Assistance in Oregon – Claims from $1 to $10,000

If you have not filed a case, but would like to, then we can help you get through the entire Oregon Small Claims process.

Get your case filed without all the stress, confusion, worry and multiple trips to the Courthouse.

We handle everything from start to finish, and in most cases, for only $105 + court costs.  ($40 for small claims assistance, +$65 for local service of process = $100 total)  Some areas of Oregon will cost more for service of process.  Usually $5 to $30 more.

Got questions about Oregon Small Claims?  See our Oregon Small claims Q & A page.

After you read the Q & A page, then it’s time to get started.  Fill out our  Oregon Small Claims Request Form.

We take care of the following:

  • Prepare the Small Claim form.
  • File the Small Claim with the Court and conform all copies.
  • Serve the defendant(s) with the documents, using one of our Professional Process Servers.
  • Follow up with a sub-mailing copy after service, if required.
  • Track the case to see if the Defendant responds to the Claim.
  • Prepare a Default Judgment (unless the defendant pays in full or pays the court to request a trial).
  • File the Judgment with the Court, Cost Declaration, Military Active Duty Status Form.
  • Obtain a copy of the signed Judgment after the judge signs it.
  • Prepare a request for Transcriptions and Docketing of Judgment and email it to the client (only if the claim is under $3000 and if requested).
  • Send copies of the Claim, Proof of Service, Default Judgment & Cost Declaration to our clients.
  • Provide a Transcription of Judgment form if the judgment is under $3000. (upon request)
  • Provide a blank satisfaction of judgment form to file with the court after the client gets paid in full (upon request).
  • Expedited / Rush service offered for an additional $35.  (Note: this charge cannot be added to your claim.)
  • If you use our small claims service you can get a discount on writ of garnishment assistance.  So you can collect on your judgment.

If you win or if the defendant does not answer, the court should award all your costs in addition to the claim amount.  In this case,  we will also make sure you are awarded the $117 prevailing party fee!


Already filed your case?  See our Process Serving page.

After Judgment:  We can help you get paid through Garnishment.  See our Writs of Garnishment page.

If you have questions contact our office for a free consultation.

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We are not attorneys and can not give legal advice.  We can prepare your documents at your direction, and by following the Small Claims procedure set by the court.