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Do you know where your spouse/partner is?
Do you know how your children, Nanny or your employees drive your vehicle?
Are they traveling to strange locations at unexpected times?
Are they coming home late a few days a week or do they have plans that do not include you?
How often are they speeding or sneaking out? Are they really going where they tell you they are going?

Get the answers you deserve. GPS Tracking Real Time Reports with updates as often as every 10 seconds, with email or text alerts sent directly to you as soon as the GPS moves.

Rental Fees include a tracking unit, but best of all you get 24/7 live phone assistance from a licensed Oregon Investigator at your fingertips. That’s right you get the support you need so you can have some peace of mind. Nothing to figure out or learn.  With PI Services you will not have to pay activation fees, monthly subscription fees or be locked into any yearly contracts. We make sure you get answers you deserve without the stress and hassle and on your time frame.

We use the absolute top of the line equipment available.  Don’t be fooled by outdated, inaccurate or ineffective technology equipment sold by someone thousands of miles away on the web.  In a few months many of them will not work any longer.   Rent or buy with local live PI Support from someone local you can trust, like us.

We want to be as flexible as possible for our clients, to get them the results they deserve.
Give us a call for a free consultation!      GPS Tracking Prices

In need of Surveillance? In most cheating partner cases we have found that when we use a combination of GPS tracking and limited Surveillance, we get fast answers for our clients. Saving them hours of worry and stress.

No one likes the unknown. Get the answers you need and give us a call for a free consultation. It’s like talking with an attorney in that everything we discuss is confidential.

2018 Update:  Oregon New GPS Tracking Laws   Clients must send us an email stating they have read the new laws before renting a GPS unit from our office.

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GPS Tracking Portland, OR

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