Asset Reports for Pre-Litigation

For clients that do not have a court issued Judgment, we can look for the following: Real Property, Registered Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, Boats/Water Craft, Air Craft, FAA Licensing, Businesses/Company Affiliations, Professional Licenses, Bankruptcy Filings, Judgments & Liens, UCC Filings, Court Records (Civil-Criminal-Domestic), and a 10 year Address History.  $100 to $250 most of the time but prices vary as it depends on the amount of assets found and the ease to verify them.   A typical add on for this report is an Employment Search and a Phone Search.

Time Frames:  Most routine Asset searches take 1 to 2 weeks.  This allows time to verify/confirm the information we have identified.  We ask that you please do not call or email and ask for a status on a routine request.   Either we are still working on your request or we have finished and turned over the results to you.  In order to keep costs down, we can not take the time to go over each asset investigation as it transpires or provide partial reports or updates on every case or we would never get the work done.  We need to focus our time on your requests being diligently and exhausted all efforts.  Then we can provide you with a full detailed report of all our findings.

Rush Time Frames:   We understand some clients will have a dead line/statute and may need us to rush a locate investigation.  We can do that, but understand we may not have time to confirm all the information found.   A rush fee will apply based on the scope of the job, $30 to $50.

Asset Search Request Form


Banking Institution Search for Judgment Recovery

For clients that do have a valid court issued Judgment:

We also offer Banking Institutions Searches judgment required.

Local Bank Search (Search Per State) – Judgment Required

            $495 If accounts are located or $125 if none are found.  2-3 weeks                

Nationwide Bank Search – Judgment Required 

            $950 If accounts are found or $350 if none are found. 2-3 weeks 

Nationwide Brokerage & Investment Accounts Nationwide – Judgment Required  

            $995 If accounts are found or $400 if none are found. 2-3 weeks.

Bank Search Request Form

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