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PI Services staff, accepts service of process, during normal business hours, by appointment only, for the following companies:     Unfortunately we will only accept service by certified mail if one of the following companies is clearly listed on the envelope.

#1 A BOC-3 Filing Inc. – Burbank, CA

#1 A $10 BOC-3 Filing Inc. – Dallas, TX

#1 A $19 BOC-3 Filing Agent – Las Vegas, NV

#1 A $20 BOC-3 Filing LLC – Denver, CO

#1 A FMCSA Processing Agent LLC – Denver, CO

#1 A+ Agents of Process Inc. – Lone Tree, CO

#1 Ace Licensing & Permit Services LLC – Columbus, GA

# FMCSA BOC-3 Filing LLC – Westland, MI

!-BOC-3 Filing – Sunland, CA

Albatross Counseling Services LLC -Beaverton, OR

American Carrier Services LLC – Nampa, ID

American Commerce & Shipping Association Inc. – Conyers, GA

American Process Agents – Bridge City, TX

Authority Express LLC – Grnad View, ID

Blackburn Heavy Haul LLC – Bow, WA

Charlie Shay Logistics LLC – Vancouver, WA

Coast 2 Coast Consortium LLC – Sioux Falls, SD

DOT Authority LLC – Burbank, CA & Houston, TX

Express Compliance LLC – Sheridan WY

Evilsizor Process Servers LLC – Littleton, CO

FMCSA Filings LLC dba Federal Motor Carrier Authority Filings – Kansas City, MO

FMCSA Processing Agent LLC – Denver, CO

Government Filing LLC – Effingham, SC

M.C.S.A. Compliance Consultants – Garden City, ID

MC Authority Inc. – Piscataway, NJ

Miracle Man Movers – Vancouver, WA

Pasco Machine Company Inc – Pasco, WA

Permits & Process Agents LLC – Edmond, OK

Process Agent Service Company, Inc. – Sioux Falls, SD

Rex’s Delivery Service LLC – Portland, OR

Royalty Speed LLC – Inman, SC

Transportation Authority LLC – Golden City, MO

Trucker & Broker Services, Inc. – Sioux Falls, SD

Truckers Fuel Tax and More LLC – Avondale Estates, GA

Trucker’s Nationwide, Inc. – Larchwood, IA

Truckgowild LLC – Beaverton, OR

Union Group Labs LLC – Kansas City, MO

US Compliance Services – Snellville, GA

US Compliance Service LLC – Boise, ID

If you would like to serve process on any of these companies, please call our office and set an appointment before you stop by.
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