PI Services does not charge to be the Registered Agent for your business in 2022 or 2023!

PI Services only charges if documents are served on us as your registered agent. Once service of process or any other documents are received you will be contacted via email. Documents are then forwarded to you via email, Fedex or USPS. If documents are received from a process server you will be charged a fee of $50. If documents are received via mail, Fedex, UPS or USPS you will be charged $35.

To see the current registered agent for your company check out the links below:

The State of Oregon Business Name Search

The State of Oregon Registered Agent Information

PI Services accepts service of process, during normal business hours, for the following companies:

#1 A BOC-3 Filing Inc. – Burbank, CA

#1 A $10 BOC-3 Filing Inc. – Dallas, TX

#1 A+ Agents of Process Inc. – Lone Tree, CO

#1 A FMCSA Processing Agent LLC – Denver, CO

Albatross Counseling Services LLC -Beaverton, OR

Authority Express LLC – Grnad View, ID

Blackburn Heavy Haul LLC – Bow, WA

Charlie Shay Logistics LLC – Vancouver, WA

Coast 2 Coast Consortium LLC – Sioux Falls, SD

DOT Authority LLC – Burbank, CA & Houston, TX

Evilsizor Process Servers LLC – Littleton, CO

FMCSA Processing Agent LLC – Denver, CO

M.C.S.A. Compliance Consultants – Boise, ID

Miracle Man Movers – Vancouver, WA

Pasco Machine Company Inc – Pasco, WA

Permits & Process Agents LLC – Edmond, OK

Process Agent Service Company, Inc. – Sioux Falls, SD

Royalty Speed LLC – Inman, SC

Truckers Fuel Tax and More LLC – Avondale Estates, GA

Trucker’s Nationwide, Inc. – Larchwood, IA

Truckgowild LLC – Beaverton, OR

Union Group Labs LLC – Kansas City, MO

If you would like to serve process on any of these companies, please call our office before you stop by. You can confirm our address by clicking on the contact us page

We will have a $50 annual fee in 2024.