Service fees are per address.  Up to four to five attempts at service and a notarized proof(s) of service.  Everything you need is on this page.

You can email, mail or hand deliver your documents to our office.   Or you can pay to have us pick them up, $40+ (depending on location).  If you email, the first 10 printed pages are free then only $0.15 per page thereafter.  If you feel there is good possibility we will substitute serve your documents to another co-occupant or co-worker, then make sure you pay for sub-mailing copies when paying copy cost.  Then if we do substitute service or office-service of your Oregon documents we will do the required substitute mailing to the defendant for you.

Email your documents to our office and them immediately make a payment via our website’s “Make a Payment” tab.
If you mail documents to our office, you should mail payment with your documents.
If you hand deliver your documents, you should bring exact cash, or leave a check or money order at our office.
We have no credit card processing equipment in our office so we cannot process credit cards in person or over the phone.

Help us help you.   Fill out our helpful information form which you’ll find on the “Process Serving” page. 
The more information you provide, the better the odds are the Process Server can get your subject served.   People tend to lie to us so if you don’t provide any information we will not know if the person we talk with is lying.   So please make sure to utilize the helpful information form.  You can find it on our process serving page.

Once we receive your documents, payment and a helpful information form,  we will enter them in our system and get them out with a process server.

Most routine services are usually done within a week (1 to 7 days).  Most rush/priority services are usually completed in 1-3 days.   We also have an immediate rush service for clients that would like immediate attention.  You get more attempts in a shorter time frame when you make your job a rush/priority or immediate rush.

Our Process Server will make 4 to 5 attempts to serve the subject at the address you provided; this can take up to a week to two weeks.  Most of the time the Process Server will get the person served.  Upon completion of service, the process server will send the results to our office the same day or following day.  Our office will then prepare a proof of service and the process server will sign the proof the next time they come into the office.  Most servers come to the office every every other day.  After the proof is signed by the process server, our office staff will either email, mail or e-file the proof of service, depending on what the client requested on the helpful information form.

What if we do not call you?    If you do not hear from our office for a week or so, that is a good sign.  It usually means we are doing what you pay us to do and we have not had any issues or problems to report.

If you requested a routine service, please do not call or email our office every few days asking if your documents have been served.  If you would like your job to be a priority then request a rush and you will be contacted during business hours as soon as your job is done.  Or request an immediate rush and the server will contact you immediately after the subject has just been served.

How we notify our Clients:   Clients that use our ‘helpful information form’ can pick to have the proof of service sent to them via U.S. mail, email or e-filed with the court (Oregon Circuit Court only).   If you request us to e-file your proof of service, then we will only send you an invoice.  If you do not direct us what to do with your proof of service or you request conflicting options, we will return the proof of service via us mail – as that is our default.
Routine services: proofs of service will be returned to you via one of the following: U.S. mail, email or we will e-file the proof of service.
Rush services: you will be notified by phone or email during business hours in addition to the proofs of service returned by email and then U.S. mail or e-file.
Immediate Rush services: you will be notified by phone at the time of service by the Process Server and the proofs of service returned by email or U.S. mail, we can also e-file the proof with the court for you.

Oregon Small Claims:  If you are thinking about filing a small claims case but have not filed your case, check out our small claims assistance page.  The claim is not hard to prepare, but the default judgment, active military form and possible cost declarations can be tricky to get right.   Hire us for your entire small claims process and we will take good care of your case.  Got questions about small claims?  Q & A

Our process servers are crafty, savvy and have the experience needed to get difficult subjects served.  People sometimes try to play games, but we know how to play the game much better.

If we do not have any luck after 4 to 5 attempts (1 to 2 weeks) of service, the process server will return the list of attempts to our office and we will contact you with a list of options.  Please note that if the process server reports any issues or problems during attempts, we will contact you.  If we do not have any luck then you may want to consider requesting alternative service.   If a subject will not come to the door and we can proved they live at the address we are attempting then we would recommend making a court requesting for alternative service by posting and first class mail.  To do so one needs to show the court diligent attempts and proof the subject lives at the address. We can help with this process if needed.
Motion, Order and Declaration for alternative service:  $50 client does declaration/ $95 we do the declaration.

Guarantee:   We guarantee excellent service by the best highly trained professionals.   We can not make people open the door.  Please know we can not control the outcome of your case.   You are paying for time spent regardless of the results of your case.

Things we think you should NOT do:  Do not tell the subject you are going to have them served.  Do not have your friend attempt to serve them.   Do not attempt to serve the person by certified mail.  All you will do is give them a heads up to avoid.  Then it will cost you a lot more to get a subject served when they are aware and evading service.   The element of surprise is our best bet.  That is why you want a professional.

We are not attorneys and we are not giving legal advice.  

Make sure you read our “Make a Payment” page.