The following people have made numerous promises to pay the balance in full but never did.   We have sent them off to collections.  Check the court records, you will see we have a good success rate.

Aaron Day  480-392-1461  1903 Spode Ave. Henderson NV 98014.  $125

Becky Hanthaley – 971-331-6562 NW Precision Construction  $100

Butch Moore  907-424-7883  205 E. Dimond Blvd. #500 Anchorage, AK 99515  $81

Lenord Krankowski 717-572-4235  at 40 Red Maple Circle Palmyra, PA 107078  $695

Jason Daniel Eric Lewis – 242 NW 1st St. Warrenton, OR 97146.  As of 9/21/2023 JUDGMENT for $750.89 and $20 per month.

John Cochran, Attorney  YOB: 1977   1637 N. Falcon Dr. Ridgefield, WA 98642  As of 2/7/23 JUDGMENT $3,383.40 at 9%

Mary Newell 971-325-3380 –  2850 Cedar Hills Blvd Walker Center 258 Beaverton, OR 97005  Works at Natural Grocers $56.25

Mike Miller at Mid Century Apartments  981 Schoolhouse Rd. # 5 Underwood, WA 98651  503-522-5954  $200

Osman Freeman  503-704-6824 at 817 Stain Glass Dr. DeSoto, TX 75115  $136

Paulmichale Moore  SID# OR08560748  Multnomah County Sheriff Inmate # 90564  971-413-0664 /503-988-5060 at 11540 NE Inverness Dr. Portland, OR 97220 &  7327 SE 113th Ave. Portland, OR 97266   $190

Ronald Strasser Jr.  SID# OR04691034  Multnomah County Sheriff Inmate # 20202  503-718-1858  1435 NE 81st Ave. #100  Portland, OR 97213  $157.17

We have had to take four attorneys to court. One paid in full after they got served.  One made payments.  They other two decided to challenge us in court.  They lost and then they refused to pay.   So we garnished them and got paid in full as well as all fees and cost. We did not want to take them to court, but they thought they could just bully us and get away with it. Check OJCIN and see how that worked for them. One had a bill of $275, but ended up paying $920. We have removed the names of the attorneys as we have been paid in full.

You do not want to be on this list but we do not expect that you will as it looks like you actually read the entire make a payment page.  Thank you