As soon as the tracker is installed you will be able to view updates every 10 seconds on your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone instantly! Remember, not only do we track the vehicle but, best of all you get 24/7 live phone assistance from a licensed Oregon Investigator at your fingertips.


Set up and removal of the GPS at a location in the Portland Metro area $99.*  Or bring the vehicle to us and there’s no installation charge  during business hours.

24 hrs a day for 1 day $49

24 hrs a day for 2 days $69

24 hrs a day for 3 days $89

24 hrs a day for 4 days $109

24 hrs a day for 5 days $129

24 hour a day for one week $149

24 hours a day for two weeks $199

24 hours a day for three weeks $249

24 hours a day for a month $299

After that it’s only $299 per month for each additional month.

$400 minimum deposit.

Not sure how long you would like to have the service?  No problem, you can see what results you get and decide at a later date, so you can keep it as long as you like.

Want to buy one?  We can have a licensed investigator show you how to how to use it and how to place a GPS.   You will receive a one on one in-person consultation until your comfortable.  We will make sure you can get all the info you need whenever you want it on your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone instantly!  $399 + $25 Activation fee and $40 per month.  Month to month contract.

With our top of the line equipment, the unit can stay in place without having to charge the battery for 1 to 4 months, depending on movement and location request.  Don’t get tricked into the other guys “special” on left-over discontinued trackers that will no longer function in a few months!


Give our office a call for a free consultation.  It’s similar to speaking to an attorney in that everything is confidential.

We just want to help you get the answers you need to move forward in a way that is best for you.


*$99 price applies to any target vehicle that we can place a GPS on or off during most hours of the day without issues.  Set up and removal outside the Portland Metro area or under difficult circumstances is $75 per hour.  You must be on the title of the vehicle to have us place a device for you.


If the GPS is compromised and unable to be returned to our office.  The client will be responsible for the rental fees until a replacement GPS can be ordered and arrives at the office.   A replacement device is $450.


Give us a call for a free consultation.





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