If you are applying for employment or volunteer work with any of the following companies:  A Loving Touch Senior Care LLC,  Auto Damage Experts, Aunty Fay Agency,  Best Western Inn at the Meadows,  Circle of Care Caregivers Services Inc,  Clackamas Valley Baptist Church,  Corbett Fire District #14, Crawford Inspections,  Fremont Family Vision,  Keizer Sub Shop,  Lakeshore Montessori School,  MBI Motors Inc, McCoy Millwork,   New Life Fellowship,  Nicholas Carpet Care LLC,  Northwest Nannies LLC,  NW Eye Care Professionals,  Portland RV,  Professional Towing & Automotive Repair, Richards Professional Towing & Automotive, Spectrum Advocacy Inc, Tosha Care LLC,  Voicebox,  Westside Music School, You’ve Got Maids.  You are on the correct page.  

After you read this page you will find electronic forms towards the bottom. 

If this is the first time we are searching a subject, you will want to click on First Time background check.  If we have searched the subject in the past then you will want to click on Yearly Renewal.  The above employers require Criminal checks.  You can also add a violations and infractions search to your request.  Although not required, many clients like to know a little more.  You can also add a Statewide & Nationwide Sex Offender search although not required.

Who pays for the background check?
Check with the company you are applying with.  We invoice most of the above companies, but some have the applicant pre-pay.  Pre-payments can be made on the make a payment page of this website and should be submitted immediately after submitting the form below.  If pre-payment is required, we will not conduct the search until payment is received.

What States do we check?
Any state the subject has resided within or worked within the last 10 years.

What is the cost?
Oregon Circuit Court Statewide Felony & Misdemeanor Search $25.00
—Add Violations & Infractions Search for only $5 (non-criminal) not required.
Washington Superior, District & Municipal Statewide Felony & Misdemeanor Search $30.00
Idaho Supreme & District Statewide Felony & Misdemeanor Search $25.00
—Add Violations & Infractions Search for only $5 (non-criminal) not required.

OR, WA & ID are checked statewide. We also have access to most other states. However, some states can only be searched by county rather than statewide so it’s necessary to list the state and county if outside of OR, WA or ID.  Prices vary depending on location.  The cost is generally $25-$35 per name searched per location, although some states charge more or have additional court access fees.  We will invoice clients or you may prepay.  If you would like a price quote before we do the search, just call our office with the State & County or send an email for a price quote.

What kind of background check does the company I am apply for require?
You will want to ask the company you are applying for.  Some just require criminal.  Others will require violations & infractions as well as criminal.

How far back do we need to check?
The first search for each employee includes all the locations the employee has lived and worked in the past 10 years.   You will need a list of States and Counties lived and worked in the last 10 years.

How often do we need to do Background Checks on employees?
The first time you search an employee you will want to search any and all locations the employee has lived in the past 10 years.
Then each year thereafter the employee should be checked in Oregon or Washington or both, as well as any other state the subject has lived in since the date of the last background check.

What if I am not sure what employees I have searched in the past?
Just send us an email and we will send you a list of subjects we have done background checks on in the past and the date of the last check.

Who are the results sent to?
We will send the results to the company selected on the form.  If you would like a copy you can request one from that company.

First Time 10 Year Background Check Request Form for current Clients

Yearly Renewal Background Check Request Form for current Clients

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