10 year Felony & Misdemeanor Case Search

3/19/19  Update AAA Contractors please read this entire page first.   Will also cover Agero if SS# is provided.**

Call or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Fill out the form below, we will email, fax or mail you an invoice/receipt with the results, one for each subject searched.

Criminal checks are required.  You can also add a violations and infractions search to your request.  Although not required, many clients like to know a little more. You can also add a Statewide & Nationwide Sex Offender search although not required.

*What if I am not sure what employees I have searched in the past?
Just send us an email and we will send you a list of subjects we have done a background checks on in the past and the date of the last check.

What States do we check?
Any state the subject has resided within or worked within the last 10 years.

What is the cost?
Oregon Circuit Court Statewide Felony & Misdemeanor Search $20.00
—Add Violations & Infractions Search for only $5 (non-criminal) not required.
Washington Superior, District & Municipal Statewide Felony & Misdemeanor Search $25.00
Idaho Supreme & District Statewide Felony & Misdemeanor Search $20.00
—Add Violations & Infractions Search for only $5 (non-criminal) not required.

OR, WA & ID are checked statewide.  We also have access to most other states.  However, some states can only be searched by county rather than statewide so it’s necessary to list the state and county if outside of OR, WA or ID.  Prices vary depending on location.  The cost is generally $25-$35 per name searched per location, although some states charge more or have additional court access fees.  We will invoice clients.  If you would like a price quote before we do the search, just call our office with the State & County or send an email for a price quote.

How far back do we need to check? 
AAA requires the first search for each employee include all the locations the employee has lived and worked in the past 10 years.  You will need a list of all locations your subject has lived and worked in the last 10 years.  States, Counties and Month of residency.

How often do we need to do Background Checks on employees?
The first time you search an employee you will need to search any and all locations the employee has lived in the past 10 years.
Then each year thereafter the employee will need to be checked in Oregon or Idaho.
AAA requires searches be completed on all employees every year.
Contact AAA Oregon/Idaho if you have more questions.

Does this background check also work for Agero?
**Yes, but only if you list the subjects SS# on the request form, then you can submit the results (copy of invoice) to Agero yourself.

Who notifies AAA OR/ID of the results?
We will do that for you.  AAA OR/ID has requested a live online list of contractors searched and not searched.  All results are posted for AAA to view*.  Just keep a copy on file for your records.  We keep a list of employees searched along with the results and dates searched.  If you need a list of employees searched in the last few years, just contact our office.

If a subject has a Felony or Misdemeanor can they still drive for AAA?
Yes, in many cases. Not all crimes are an automatic fail.  See the AAA Disqualifying Crimes List.

AAA Disqualifying Crimes List


First Time 10 Year Background Check Request Form


Yearly Renewal Background Check Request Form


We post all Background Check results for AAA Oregon/Idaho to view on a live Google spread sheet.  The Staff at AAA Oregon/Idaho have access and can view it anytime.  The list is updated live during business hours.  They can view all the companies that have contracts with AAA OR/ID.  They can see which companies have complied and which companies have not complied.  They can see a list of the subjects searched for each company.  They can see if the subject has any records and if the subject has a Pass or No Pass.  Pass or No Pass refers to the AAA Disqualifying Crimes List.   Only AAA staff & PI Services staff have access to the live Google spread sheet.


AAA Oregon/Idaho Log-in to view archive records. 
2016 List last updated on 12/31/16