• 1. Any offense that pertains to alteration or removal of a vehicle’s identification numbers, theft and/or injury to vehicles, unlawful possession of burglary tools, petty theft, grand theft, or robbery, arson, extortion, forgery, false imprisonment, and burglary.
  • 2.  Any offense, the elements of which include the inflicting or threat of bodily injury or death to a person or persons, including but not limited to homicide, rape, assault, kidnapping, menacing or coercion and domestic violence.
  • 3. Reckless driving or driving under the influence of any drug (excluding marijuana)or intoxicating liquor, regardless of whether the incident resulted in bodily injury or death, hit and run, any drug use, possession or sale and evading a police officer (which will be revealed by a motor vehicle record check).  DUI Convictions will be reviewed in the past 5 years rather than 10 years.
  • 4. Any crime, whether a felony or misdemeanor, that is a sex crime, including but not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation of a minor, and child molestation.  A sex crime includes, but is not limited to, any offense for which and individual must register as a sex offender.
  • 5. Any felony crime against property, including theft, burglary or criminal trespass, providing that such crime will be disqualifying only if (a) the conviction occurred within the ten years preceding the date of determination, or (b) the applicant or ERS Agent has any previous conviction of such a crime.

Updated 3/08/2023



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