If you are land-lord, property owner or property manager and you are looking to have a background check done, then just click on the form.

You will have multiple sending and payment options listed on the form.  We return the search results to you via email within 24 to 48 hours for the NW.  3-7 Days for all other locations.   Please make sure you read the entire form.

Type up the subject information, then print the form.  Signatures are not required but most want the renter to fill out the forms.  That is up to you we will process them with or with out a signature.

New Clients/Blank Form *PDF

Please note that hand written forms may not be accepted, unless perfectly clear hand writing.  If you hand write the from and it’s not perfectly legible, your subject will not be searched.  Please try to type up the form, call if you have any questions or concerns.