Evictions Preparation Request Form

    You are the Plaintiff/Landlord/Owner.

    You are claiming a Defendant(s)/Renter/Occupants needs to leave the property.

    Before you file a Complaint with the court, you must give one of the following notices to the defendant (tenant) in writing and the time period in the notice must have ended:

    1) 24-hour notice for personal injury, substantial damage, extremely outrageous act, or unlawful occupant (ORS 90.396 or 90.403)2) 24-hour or 48-hour notice for violation of a drug or alcohol program (ORS 90.398)3) 24-hour notice for perpetrating domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking (ORS 90.445)4) 72-hour or 144-hour notice for nonpayment of rent in a week-to-week tenancy (ORS 90.394)5) 10-day or 13-day notice for nonpayment of rent* (ORS 90.394)6) 7-day notice with stated cause in a week-to-week tenancy* (ORS 90.392 (6))7) 10-day notice for a pet violation, a repeat violation with stated cause, or without stated cause in a week-to-week tenancy (ORS 90.392 (5), 90.405 or 90.427 (2))8) 20-day notice for a repeat violation* (ORS 90.630 (4))9) 30-day or 60-day notice without stated cause in a month-to-month tenancy (ORS 90.427 (3)(b) or (8)(a)(B) or (C))10) 180-day notice without stated cause in a month-to-month tenancy (ORS 90.429)11) 30-day notice with stated cause* (ORS 90.392, 90.630 or 90.632)12) 30-day notice without stated cause in a fixed-term tenancy (ORS 90.427(4)(b) or (8)(b)(B))13) 60-day notice with stated cause (ORS 90.632)14) 90-day notice with stated cause (ORS 90.427 (5) or (7))15) Notice to bona fide tenants after foreclosure sale or termination of fixed-term tenancy after foreclosure sale (ORS 86.782(6)(c))

    I have given the Tenant notice #: (select one of the above)
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    Timing of the notice deadline:

    Your notice must specify the date and time that it expires. You must give the defendant (tenant) the amount of time required by the laws. When counting time, Day 1 is the day after notice is given.

    If you mail the notice, add 3 days to the minimum time required by the law (see list above).

    If you are mailing notice, you must allow 4 days before you begin counting the defendant (tenant) time to respond.

    If your notice period is given in hours rather than days (in the list above or other law you are using), then the time begins immediately when you give notice except for 72-hour or 144-hour nonpayment notices, the time begins at 11:59 pm on the day you serve. Talk to a lawyer for information about this type of service.

    The last day does not end until midnight.
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    You, the Plaintiff, are required to file your case in the Oregon County that the property is located.

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    Make sure you list all Defendants/persons who have access to the property. Many Clients list [All Other Occupants] as an additional Defendant, other than the people on the rental agreement. That way it covers any unknown occupants. You may want to list All Other Occupants as an additional Defendant. The service fee will cover one or two defendants. Any additional defendant will cost an additional $25.00 each.


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    I will not hold PI Services, LLC responsible for any issues with any portion of my case. I understand they are not attorneys and are not providing me with legal advice. They are preparing documents at my direction. I have reviewed the above information to make sure it’s correct. I understand I will be solely responsible for the content. I have read and reviewed the information available on www.pi-info.com regarding Evictions, Process Serving and seen the links to the state rules and procedures. I understand the process and the prices. I understand the Court filing fee of $88 payable to the State of Oregon is required to file a case. I understand PI Services will advance the court fee(s) to expedite the filing of my claim and sign the claim on my behalf. I also understand that if I provide the wrong information and the documents need to be redone or adjusted that I will pay a $30 fee to PI Services to repair the documents. I understand that PI Services will charge $125 which includes process service (one or two Defendants) at one address in the Portland Metro area. Outside the Portland Metro area, there will be an additional process service fee of $5 to $30 depending on the location in Oregon. If a third Defendant is listed I understand I will need to pay an additional $25.00. If I win my case, or if the defendant does not respond, I understand all cost and service fees will be awarded in the form of default judgment.

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    1. PREPAY BY CHECK, COURT FEES ADVANCED: I am a first time Client. To start my case I will mail a Check for $174. to PI Services LLC PO BOX 157 Beaverton, OR 97075. This will cover the courts $88 fee and PI Services fee of $125.2. PRE-APPROVED ACCOUNT, COURT FEES ADVANCED: I have a pre-approved account with PI Services, please advance court fees and invoice me for all services.3. PREPAY WITH CREDIT CARD ONLINE, COURT FEES ADVANCED: I am a first time Client. To start my case I made a $213 payment on pi-info.com This will cover the courts $88 fee and PI Services $125 fee.

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