Federal Court Rule Change:  Don’t forget that the Federal Court shortened the time for service of a Summons to 30 days.

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Referrals in Oregon – Businesses you should check out!

When we receive exceptional customer service from a business, we recommend them to others. We feel that exceptional customer service and quality work deserves recognition. We do not get any compensation for this, we do it because we want to, because good people deserve good service.

When we receive exceptional customer service from a business, we recommend them to others.  We feel that exceptional customer service and quality work deserves recognition.  We do not get any compensation for this we do it because we want to.  Because good people deserve good service.

Need an Oregon Attorney?  We work for hundreds of attorneys, we can refer you to some good ones in Oregon.  Hiring an attorney can be one of the most stressful and life changing decisions you will ever make.  Interview many and choose wisely.

Auto Damage Experts
David Smith  503-642-4259 or 888-868-9891  Portland Metro Area
David knows more about cars than anyone I know. Check him out before you buy a used car, or before you settle with an insurance company. He will save you heartache and money. Do you know you are entitled to Diminished value when hit in an accident?  Your insurance company is not going to tell you.  He has helped many of our clients determine fault and damage amounts, and in most cases the Client received more money than the insurance company would originally pay.  Check out his website for info you should know. It’s hard to argue with an expert.

Crawford Home Inspections
Matt Fellman  503-650-6957 & 503-362-5809  Portland Metro Area & Salem, OR
Your home is your biggest investment, and you want an inspection company you can trust. Matt took great care in addressing our concerns, and he quickly demonstrated he knew what he was talking about. The first time we used his services, he saved us from buying a money pit. The next time, he gave us the confidence to move forward with our purchase. Use his firm when you want straight answers from honest people. I pity the person who buys a house without calling Matt to check it out first.  He’s a contractor and a home inspector.

IS Advisors LLC
David Heim 503-590-8800 Portland Metro Area
PC and Networking Support for Small Business. David works for many of my Attorney Clients. I use him exclusively and trust him with everything. David does not do any advertising, all his clients are by referral, most of them have been with him for 15 or 20 years.  Give him a call and see what he can do for your business.  You can thank me later, as I am sure you will.

SEO Portland, OR
Jeff Hollett  Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA
Jeff is fantastic.  I was referred to Jeff by a several local business that had used his services and spoke highly of him.  I have been using Jeff for all my website needs and I have been extremely pleased.   Check it out, just Google, “Investigator Beaverton” or “Process Server Beaverton” and you will see our website on at the top of the list.   That is why you need Jeff as your SEO guy.  A fair and honest guy who will work hard for your company.  I encourage you to check out his website then give him a call.   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Portland, OR for small businesses and organizations.  Jeff Rocks!

Portland Paralegal
503-643-9192   Portland Metro Area
Need a simple will or an uncontested divorce. If you do not need a lawyer then you should check out Portland Paralegal. LeeAnn, will take good care of you and save you a lot of money. If you do not have a will then you should call her today.

Integrity Ironworks
Malcolm Schubert 541-951-9890  Ashland, OR
Art and skill come together in Malcolm’s shop. You have got to see his work, it’s simply amazing. I still do not know how he does such impressive work under such sweltering hot conditions. He truly loves what he does, and from what I have seen, so do his customers. Check out his website.  Malcom has mad skills!

Greg Chrisman, Realtor, Caliber Realty Beaverton, OR  503-781-6514   greg.caliber@gmail.com
We met Greg when we were looking at our first house 12 years ago. He was selling a house we were considering. After talking to him for a while I was impressed at how he was straightforward and did not attempt to sell a home that wasn’t a good fit. Later we had Greg show us many other houses, and we could tell he was thorough and was not going to let us get in a bad house or a bad deal. A few months later, he found our first house, and because of his quick work we got the house even as other offers were coming in. Five years later, it was time to move to a larger house. We called Greg, and he worked extremely hard for us. We found a house we wanted, and Greg’s diligence and hard work got us the house for a great deal. We would never have gotten our house without Greg. If you are buying or selling a home, you should call Greg. You really want someone you can trust and someone with the experience and dedication to get you the best deal. We are happy to say Greg is not just an incredible realtor; he has also turned out to be a friend of our family.



PI’s  &  Process Servers in the News:

12/11/16   Judge says secretly placing GPS tracker on a car is not an invasion of privacy!